Our vision is to become a world-famous brand.

SUDEM Dönerproduktion und Vertriebs GmbH specializes in the production of high quality kebab skewers. Our quality, our service and our products are a guarantee for the development of kebab production within the framework of European standards.

In Europe, kebab skewers generate around 3.5 billion euros in sales every year. In Germany in particular, 650 million doner kebabs are sold each year, and the trend is rising. Our constantly growing kebab production and meat processing plant are among the largest in Germany. On an area of ​​2000 m² we have the capacity to process 15 tons of meat daily into kebab skewers. We are an approved company with the EC number: DE BB-60024 EG. As an EC approved company, we are subject to regular controls by the SG Veterinary and Food Inspection Office.

We also carry out our own controls, which we commission from an independent, accredited institute.

Our range includes all common kebab varieties and we are also able to produce individual kebab varieties according to your specifications. It goes without saying for us that kebab production is based on a defined production process in accordance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The starting meat (veal, beef and poultry) is carefully checked for each type of kebab. In the event of a deviation in the quality of the delivered goods, acceptance will be refused without exception.

Our unique delicious and unmistakable taste is put together from selected spices for each kebab variant. This spice mixture paired with high-quality meat is processed into a kebab skewer using the latest technology. Every single kebab skewer is subject to strict hygienic controls that dominate every single step. The kebab skewers produced according to these specifications are instantly quick-frozen at a temperature of minus 45 ° Celsius and are then stored at a temperature of minus 25 ° Celsius. An uninterrupted cold chain guarantees the flawless quality of the kebab skewer. Only when all the requirements are met is the kebab skewer ready for dispatch and you can grill and eat it without hesitation.